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Did Katy Perry Kill a Nun?

Did Katy Perry Kill a Nun?

If you think KATY PERRY and her music are harmless, then check this out:  A nun who was involved in a legal battle with Katy just DIED . . . right in the middle of a court hearing.



The dispute started years ago, when the nuns sold the 8-acre property that used to be their convent to a businesswoman for $15.5 million.  The nuns themselves bought the property in the early ’70s, so they felt they had a right to sell it.



But the Archdiocese of Los Angeles claimed ownership, and THEY wanted to sell it to Katy for $14.5 million . . . and, of course, pocket the money from the sale.



In addition to believing they were the rightful owners, the nuns also felt it would be a SIN to sell the property to Katy, because of her music and image.  So they went to court . . . and in 2016, they LOST.



But there were still legal issues to iron out.  And during a court hearing this past Friday, an 89-year-old nun named Sister Catherine Ross Holzman collapsed and died, after experiencing chest pains.



Katy still hasn’t bought the property, because the Vatican needs to approve the sale.


– Dave & Lisa


(Holzman spoke to a local TV station just hours before her death. Here’s the video.)


Lisa G

March 12th, 2018

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