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Stupid Criminal – Double Meat Sandwich

Stupid Criminal – Double Meat Sandwich

If you don’t know Primanti Brothers, it’s a chain out of Pittsburgh that’s famous for making massive sandwiches that have French fries on them.


Well . . . a 40-year-old guy named Barry Clapperton was in a Primanti Bros. in Pittsburgh earlier this week and they put double meat on his sandwich, which is crazy because the sandwich is big enough already.


It’s not clear if he asked for it or not, but it IS clear that he couldn’t afford it.


So . . . he did what we all would do……he called in a BOMB THREAT to another restaurant down the street, because he hoped the cops would evacuate the entire block and he’d get out of having to pay his bill.


It didn’t work for several reasons . . . the main one was that a BUNCH of people saw and heard him making the bomb threat.


The cops came, but not for the bomb . . . they were there to arrest Barry.  He tried to make a run for it, and the cops had to taze him to get him to stop.


He was arrested on several charges, including making threats to use weapons of mass destruction and escape.

Lisa G

October 11th, 2017

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